What is Friend Theory?

Friend Theory is an online platform which allows you to stay or host people you have mutual friends with. We offer free, friendly and trustworthy accommodation everywhere for everyone.

Every traveller would love to have a friend in every city they visit. A trusted connection, a local guide, or a home to stay while traveling is every traveller’s dream. However, none of us thought we had a big enough network that allows for this ideal situation to happen – until now.

You have thousands and thousands of friends of friends all around the world, and Friend Theory gives you the opportunity to connect you with them so you can stay or host people you already have trust with, all over the world.

How does Friend Theory work?

Friend Theory’s platform is powered by Facebook’s API – as soon as you sign up on Friend Theory, the platform automatically identifies which of your direct friends and friends of friends are already on the platform. There is no need to add friends as all your friends come from Facebook

Both your friends and friends of friends will be displayed on the Map, so you can see where in the world they are, you can check out their profile and start chatting with them so you can arrange to stay or host that friend.

And hey, don’t be shy! Everyone in your network are your friends and friends of your friends after all!

Is Friend Theory Free?

Absolutely, completely free! Our goal is purely to connect you to your friend’s friends and as Coco Chanel once said: “The best things in life are free” so Friend Theory can’t be an exception. #yeeeew

Can I join the Friend Theory platform without using Facebook?

We are currently only working with Facebook’s API to be able to join Friend Theory. We feel that Facebook is the most secure, extensive and reliable social network which results in a better experience for you.

Because after all, for every 100 Facebook friends you will have 22,000 friends of friends! In the long run, we will work to implement more social network options.

How does Friend Theory calculate matching between me and my connections on the platform?

We are currently taking into account your friendship level (whether the connection is a direct friend or a friend of a friend of yours), the interests you have in common and, if the connection is a friend of a friend, the amount of mutual friends you have with the connection. This is the very first version of our Matching Algorithm, so later on we will take a lot more variables into account, so you can connect with the right friend anywhere you go!

Why does Friend Theory ask for my location?

Friend Theory automatically pulls the location you have on your Facebook profile, however, we double check it and make sure we show you in the right location so we can connect you to your friends and friends of friends properly.

The location that will be displayed in the map will be an approximation of your address, and we do no share your exact address to any other users.

How do I stay with someone? Is there any booking process?

Your friends on Friend Theory are people you trust! So if you want to stay with someone just reach out and ask! There is no booking process involved and it’s totally free. At the end of the day, you’ll be only chatting with your friends or friends of friends, so we wanted to keep it as casual and easy as possible and leave it up to you.

Nevertheless, make sure you both are on the same page and have all the relevant information about the stay!

Does Friend Theory have a mobile app?

Unfortunately we don’t have a mobile app yet. However, this will be the case in the future, so make sure you follow us on social media channels to be up to date.

Are you a mobile app developer? Want to join the team? Reach out to hello@friendtheory.com and take the lead in the project!

Is Friend Theory only used to find accommodation?

Not at all! Friend Theory is all about helping each other and being able to have a trusted connection anywhere in the world.

Feel free to reach out to your network to find a cool bar in Melbourne, or travel tips in Paris, or a place to party in Barcelona. Or simply to find friends of friends in a new city you just moved to.

Who can see me on Friend Theory?

You’ll be only seen by your direct friends and your friends of friends.

I don't see any connections on the platform, what can I do?

First of all, congratulations for being one of your network pioneers using Friend Theory! Now it’s all about inviting your friends on facebook to join Friend Theory so they can also invite their networks, and so on. The more people you invite, the more valuable Friend Theory platform will be for you!

I want to get involved in the project, how can I help?

That’s exactly what we want to hear! We are currently looking for people passionate about Friend Theory so we can get them on board.

We welcome all skills! Developers, designers, travelers, writers, creatives, marketers. Literally reach out at hello@friendtheory.com saying what you an offer and we’ll get back to you!