Who's behind it?

We are a young group of friends, travelers, entrepreneurs, software engineers that are all on a mission to make traveling accessible to everyone.

Carlo Spada   Co-Founder

Carlo is an entrepreneurship and travel enthusiast who founded his first startup at the age of 18 and participated in launching and growing one of South Africa’s fastest growing startups.

Carlos Costa   Co-Founder

Carlos is a serial traveler, a digital marketer & a travel videographer who has inspired millions of people to travel through his digital content. He’s worked for the world’s most beloved brands such as GoPro & Coca Cola and has been to over 65 countries.

Guillaume Prevost   Co-Founder

Guillaume is a senior Software Developer with years of experience & a passion for travel. In fact, he developed Friend Theory and went traveling around the world for 6 weeks while he was working remotely and only stayed with people on the platform.

Ines Guerra

If Friend Theory was a person it would be Ines - she is the fun, trustworthy & the nicest human being you can ever meet, just like every friend should be. No matter what problems might arise, Ines will find a way to turn a problem into an opportunity.

Kirill Kliavin

Kirill is a wizard when it comes to software development & a genius when it comes to knowing how to live life. His spirit of adventure and the inability to sit still is what drives him to bring Friend Theory to life.

Elise Jansson

Elise, our beloved creative rockstar, flew all the way from freezing Scandinavia to join the Friend Theory team in Australia! Don't be fooled by her innocent face - she's lived all around the world and she's committed to turn Friend Theory into the most awesome looking platform ever, this is just the beginning!

Guillermo Fernández

Guillermo is a Spanish engineer who one day decided to leave his corporate job at a tech consulting company and started exploring the world! Fun fact: the Friend Theory team offered him to to be part of the team through the platform itself, as he had mutual friends with the founders! #JobTheory

We are looking for like-minded people who share our vision of making traveling affordable for everyone and want to take Friend Theory to the next level. If you are a software developer, a designer, a travel writer, content creator or have any skills that you think might help us, please get in touch!

Above all we are looking for people with passion!

Our Mission

After living across 4 different continents, we realised the importance of having friends everywhere in the world. In fact, we wouldn’t have got to where we are now without them. We believe friends are the most accessible yet important source of help, joy and happiness anyone has - they’re the family we get to choose after all!

We know we’ve been the lucky ones though. We have had the opportunity to travel across nearly 100 countries, and that is what has made us grow as people, more than any of the university degrees we studied. It is amazing the powerful effect that travel has on people - the more places you visit, people you meet and cultures you experience, the stronger effect it has on your personal growth.
That being said, travel is still expensive and it requires a lot of courage to go somewhere where you don’t know anyone. We’ve been there, we’ve experienced these issues... and after thinking up a solution, we decided to bring it to life.

So we all quit our jobs, Carlo moved to Australia and that’s when Friend Theory started. We can all agree that, so far, it’s been one crazy ride. We didn’t have any money, so we had to work from a storage room at a university and do anything to spend less - from creating a clandestine university ‘travel’ club to sending Guillaume around the world to test the platform, spending zero money on accommodation.
Nevertheless, we’ve been lucky enough to have people all around the world helping us out and showing an outstanding amount of love along the way.

To every single one of you, thank you for the support. We are only just getting started and we’d love to share this exciting journey with as many people as possible, so if you’re interested, reach out to us - we are always excited to meet new friends like you!

See you on Friend Theory :)
Carlos, Carlo and Guillaume