The Friend Theory platform is as simple and easy as a world map where you can find and connect with all your friends of friends worldwide. This means you can find places to stay while you’re travelling or host connected travellers you can trust. On our platform, there’s no need to send friend requests, as we use your existing social network rather than creating a new one.

🗺️ 1. Discover where your friends are in the world

See where your friends are currently based, and see what they are willing to offer their network (e.g. a full bedroom, a couch to crash on, some local travel tips or even free Wi-Fi - anything helps!)

🔍 2. Find the perfect guest or host

On average, people have 180,000 friends of friends, so you can filter by country, interests, number of friends in common, age... etc.

💬 3. Get in touch!

Ask anyone from your network for accommodation, hang outs or local travel tips directly through the platform.

🏠 4. Stay with your friends!

It’s as easy as that! And remember...

1 direct friend = 270 friends of friends on Friend Theory

So don’t forget to invite your friends who aren’t on Friend Theory yet - the more you invite, the more opportunities you’ll have worldwide!